The Easy
Content Creation Crash Course
For Coaches and Creatives
Create video content consistently without wasting your life creating content.
Course Program
A series of trainings, worksheets and best practices to accelerate your video content creation. 
Your Position
Let's quickly figure out how you are going to show up and stand out in the world. What do you want the world to know and what do you want to be known for?
Your Content
A system for generating on-going content ideas. In this lesson, we will map out your next 36 posts! 
Your Focus
Get your goals in order, smash imposter syndrome, and focus on where your success.
On Your Mark
Get a content strategy, map out your video ecosystem, and create a schedule to make your life sane.
Get Set
Get prepared before you hit record. Learn how to film yourself just using your phone. Lets also shape your content and create video scripts that get views, likes, and shares. 
Hit record! Perform and look your best on camera and keep viewers engaged.
Edit Video
How to NOT spend all your time editing.
Launch Content
Maximize every single post, gain insights, and adapt.
Create systems to use podcasts, YouTube videos, speeches, old short form content to really enhance your reach on all social platforms.
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