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You have a content problem
You have no systems
Content takes up alot of T-I-M-E. Time away from your client work and away from your personal life.
You're behind the curve
Writing? Shooting? Editing? Where do you even begin?
You're not seeing likes
You post here and there. Sometimes you get on a roll and post for an entire month. But you are not getting any engagement or lead generation from your efforts.
You will
  • Save Loads of time
  • Write and edit videos faster
  • content ideas for months
  • Learn video best practices
  • Create warm leads
  • Create systems for success
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Professional Video content creator, creative director, Editor and Motion designer

My name is Cameron, I have created video content for major brands like VW, The Olympics, Chrysler, Google, Twitter, Lyft, the NFL, Marriot.

I’ve worked on hundreds of political campaigns including 4 Presidential races.

I wanted to take my combined experience as a storyteller, marketer, and video expert and combine it with my passion for personal excellence, impact, and legacy building.

My life’s story has been edited drastically with the help of mentors, books, podcasts, courses, and thought-leaders. I wanna return the favor and help those that help others.

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Need help with writing, editing, and creating an entire video ecosystem that works in your sleep?
Phone: +1-202-679-3622
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